Dear Colleague,

The outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020 has opened new challenges and opportunities. As a response to many dental colleagues’ inquiries, our FCDC 2020-2021 season has evolved into a LIVE ONLINE COURSE as an exclusive opportunity for only 25 dental professionals online. Our new Live program will allow you to have access in real time to our 2020-2021 season besides or on-campus courses.

Online classes will require you to have:

– Paid participation
– Access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a high-speed Internet connection
– Microphone, speaker, and built-in or external webcam
– For PC, Apple and Linux users, click here for more information
– For iOS, iPad OS and Android, click here for more information

We recommend downloading and getting familiar with the application we will use for the online presentation before the seminar. If you have any problem, please follow the recommendations of this link. Still having problems? please contact Jose for support (


To receive your CE’s, we must follow The Academy of General Dentistry (PACE) guidelines:
– Participation is necessary: Online courses require your involvement as if you were on-campus. These questions can be delivered via chat through our live stream during the presentation. (available in the application)
– Evaluation: An evaluation form must be completed and delivered after the presentation.
– Materials: We will include digital supportive material prior to and during the presentation in order to make your online experience complete.


You must register for every seminar to attend it. We recommend doing it days before the seminar, otherwise, access won’t be granted, even if you paid for your participation. The registration link will be sent days before the seminar. Always check junk and spam emails in case our email doesn’t show in your inbox.

We recommend not to share your registration link with anybody. In the unlikely event, you share your link, and if the system or the administrator detects unauthorized users, both users will be removed, and CE’s won’t be granted.

Download Now your Online Seminar Itinerary and Registration Packet


Michael Sonick , DMD and the Team of Fairfield County Dental Club