Fairfield County Hygiene Club

Dear Colleague:

The role of a Dental Hygienist has grown and expanded in recent years right alongside dentistry and technology. Hygienists have an even greater responsibility when it comes to managing and maintaining a patient’s dental and systemic health. The Fairfield County Dental Club is exceptionally proud to continue to offer a first-class education to dental professionals in our state-of-the-art facility and teaching center located in the heart of Fairfield, Connecticut. We are very excited to present the speakers for our upcoming 2018-2019 season.

The goal of the Fairfield County Hygiene Club is to provide hygienists with an atmosphere and comradery which promote and further enhance the caliber of the exceptional education and speakers which the study club provides. All licensed dental hygienists are welcome to join the study club and experience the unique opportunity to interact, share, and collaborate with their fellow colleagues. Additionally, we offer continuing education credits for all attended courses.

– Rui Ma DMD and the Team of Fairfield County Hygiene Club

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FCHC Itinerary and Registration Form 2018-2019

Bonus Lecture – February 19, 2019 – Wendy Bebey, RDH – Rui “Ray” Ma, DMD – “Technologies for Biofilm Management”

Course description:
Join us for an interactive evening, including a hands-on opportunity to learn about Guided Biofilm Therapy.
Subgingival air polishing for the removal of biofilm from root surfaces is a relatively
new technology with clinical research supporting its safety and efficacy for use in nonsurgical
periodontal therapy and treatment of peri-implant disease.

Learning Objectives:
• Explain the importance of professional subgingival biofilm removal from root surfaces as a routine part of nonsurgical periodontal therapy
• Compare the types of air polishing powders available and their appropriate use
• Demonstrate correct angulation and instrumentation strokes appropriate to supragingival and subgingival application.

March 7, 2019 – Thomas Viola, RPh – “Sugar? Yes, Please!”

Course description:
Diabetes mellitus remains the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Of the estimated 29.1 million Americans that have diabetes, only 21 million are diagnosed, leaving 8.1 million individuals undiagnosed. Diabetes, and its systemic complications, are often accompanied by, and exacerbated by, numerous co-morbid conditions. This program will provide participants with an overview of diabetes mellitus, the arsenal of medications used in its treatment and the impact of both the disease and its treatment on dental therapy. Using case scenarios, special emphasis will be placed on the complex interplay between diabetes and the oral-systemic connection, as well as developing patient management strategies essential for successful treatment planning and proper care of our diabetic patients.

June 6, 2019 – Ray Ma, DMD – “Challenges in Implant dentistry ”

Course description:
Dental implants have enjoyed great success over the past 30 years. However, it is possible for complications to occur which may endanger the implant or final restoration. If the problems are not treated, implant failure may result in loss of bone around the implant, crown, and/or the loss of the implant. Just like periodontitis, inflammation around the implant may also endanger overall systemic health of the body. This course will focus on classification, diagnosis and treatment options for peri-implant diseases. It will help clinicians to recognize diseases early so they can be treated effectively. Most importantly, the presentation will discuss how to prevent complications from happening in the first place by way of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.