Mark My Papers (MMP) ended up being initially launched to simply help house educators access professional marking by formal examiners. The idea has exploded quickly to encompass schools, individuals and mature students and tutor teams across the world. Our solutions have become too and today consist of in-house exam paper writing, creation of model responses and instructor moderation packages.

Our core goals remain as follows:-

  • To create marking that is professional we of authorized, formal examiners every single and each student.
  • To supply detailed feedback making sure that students can realize their very own talents and weaknesses.
  • To alleviate the responsibility of marking in schools where staff are in short supply of time in order to give attention to training.
  • To create an authorized perspective to assessment – a fresh set of eyes free of unintended bias that is emotional.

Home Education

Undertaking exams at home may be an experience that is daunting. Ensuring that your youngster is on target to obtain his / her life objectives can be an overwhelming duty, and minus the help of a college numerous moms and dads feel confused on how they are able to determine their child’s progress. Mark our Papers enables house educated pupils to gain access to teaching experts who mark formally when it comes to leading exam that is public, specially Cambridge (CAIE) and Edexcel at iGCSE level. Marking is subjective and learning how to interpret the AOs (evaluation goals) is just a finely tuned skill.